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The history of Islam is China begins in the 7th century in Tang Dynasty just a few decades after the rise of Islam. Later many Muslims came to China to trade then dominated foreign trade, the export/import industry in the west and south. Islam reached its peak in Yuan Dynasty when the Mongol ruled China and suffered a decline in Qing Dynasty. Islamic influence came from the various steppe peoples who assimilated in Chinese culture. In terms of architecture, history and splendor, the mosques in Beijing are certainly worth visiting. If you plan to visit a Mosque, please remember some simple tips: smoking is not allowed; men should not wear short pants and women should dress modestly. So regardless of whether you are a Muslim or not, it's well worth a look. There is definitely much to appreciate in China's Islamic culture.

Niujie(Ox Street) Mosque Address: No. 88 Niujie, Xuanwu District. Telephone: 63532564
Located in Xuanwu District, the Niu Jie Mosque is the oldest mosque in Beijing and enjoys a great reputation among Muslims. It was originally built in 996, with major renovation projects carried out in 1442. The buildings were entirely repainted and redecorated in 1949. Because Muslims mainly eat beef, there are a large number of stores and restaurants providing foods made of beef. Therefore, this place is called Ox Street. Now it is the spiritual centre for the 10,000 Muslims living in the vicinity.
Dogsi Mosque Address: No. 13 Dongsinandajie, Dongcheng District. Telephone: 65252770
The Dongsi Mosque is the oldest mosque in Beijing. This mosque has long been the center of Islamin cultures and events. Now it's the Beijing Islamic Association and the Islamic Accademy. The mosque is a mixture of Islamic and Chinese cultures. It is also a good place to appreciate Arabic calligraphy with Chinese influences. Many precious cultural relics are preserved in the mosque. The most precious one is a hand-written copy from the Yuan Dynasty. Also there are books presented by the emperor of Egypt.

Huashi Mosque Address: No. 80 Huashidajie, Chongwen District. Telephone: 67120726
Beijing Huashi Mosque is one of the famous mosques in Beijing. It is located in downtown Beijing and it is within walking distance to New World Shopping Mall and Marriot by Courtyard Beijing Hotel.
Pushousi Mosque Address: Np. 63 Jinshifangjie, Xicheng District. Telephone: 66036165
Built in 1924 in Ming Dynasty and restored in 1982, Pushousi Mosque is one of the four ancient mosques in Beijing.
Fayuansi Mosque Location: No.200 Deshengmenwaidajie, Xicheng District. Telephone: 62016131
Fayuansi Mosque (also called Dewai Mosque) was first built in late Qing Dynasty and restored in 1983. The whole structure was Chinese classical architectural style with elegance and gracefulness.
Madian Mosque Address: Madian Street, Haidian District, Beijing. Telephone: 62019208
The Madian Mosque near Suzhou Qiao is a great one to visit which can hold about 500-people for prayers. Many foreigners conduct prayers there and the Imams there speak good Arabic.

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Name:Whether Beijing’ mosques is open to the foreigners or not ? Reply

I am muslim,from Malaysia.It is my first time to Beijing,I want to know if every mosque is open to the foreigners?

Name:Suggestions to Beijing mosques

Yes, all the mosques in Beijing are open to the public including in the foreigners,and every muslim can go worship there.The largest mosque in Beijing is Niujie mosque,Dongsi mosque and Deshengmen mosque etc.There are many muslim residences around the mosques,May you make some muslim friends of Beijing.