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- Peking Opera Show in Beijing

Li Yuan Theater is one of the most prestigious performance venues of Beijing Opera, situated in Beijing Qianmen Hotel. Here you can enjoy the special feature of old Beijing from the traditional performance stage, the Baixian Table, and the unique facial make-up. The theater can host about 1000 visitors at the same time. Peking opera of China is a national treasure with a history of 200 years. In the 55th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty(1790) ,the four big Huiban opera Troupes entered the capital and combined with Kunqu opera, Yiyang opera, Hanju opera and Luantan in Beijing's thearetical circle of the time. Through a period of more than half a century of combination and integration of various kinds of opera there evolved the

present Peking opera, the biggest kind of opera in China, whose richness of repertoire, great number of artists of performance and of audiences, and profound influence are incomparable in China. Li Yuan Theater is equipped with simultaneous translation equipment for English and Japanese, and also provides English subtitles for foreign visitors. Before the performance starts, you can visit the performer’s make-up room to see their facial make-up process. The costumes in Peking opera are graceful, magnificent, elegant and brilliant, most of which are made in handicraft embroidery. As the traditional Chinese pattern are adopted, the costumes are of a high aesthetic value. Besides there are various souvenirs related to Beijing Opera here. Every year over 300 thousands visitors come here to enjoy the brilliant Beijing opera. Many foreign leaders and officials have also

 left their footprints in this theater. Li Yuan Theater has become a window of Beijing to show traditional Beijing Culture.The performance starts at 7:30 PM every day. The most welcome performance are: Goddess of Heaven Scattering Flowers, Havoc In Heaven, Eighteen Arhats Fighting Wukong, The Dealth of Yu Ji, Presenting A Pearl On The Rainbow Bridge, Stopping The Horse, Stealing Immortal Herbs, Wu Song at Shizipo slope, Picking Up the Jade Bracelet, The Crossroads. When you sitting in the seat of Li Yuan Theatre and watching famous Peking Oprea with Chinese tea and traditional snacks. I am sure you will feel yourself a real Beijinger. Here are some guide information for your tour to Li Yuan Theater: Address: 1/F Qianmen Hotel, 175 Yongan Road, Hufangqiao, Xuanwu District, Beijing.  Admission Fee: CNY 380/ 480/ 580,  Performance Time: Every evening at 7:30 pm (except important state festivals), Contact Number: 86-10- 63016688

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User Comments

Name:Peking Opera in Beijing Reply

We are from Italy and will travel in Beijing next month. My parents insist on watching the Peking opera in Beijing. Have read on some guide books saying that is long and a little bit boring, though. Any suggestion on a good place for us to enjoy the peking opera? Is the peking opera on every night?

Name:Re: Peking Opera in Beijing

Beijing opera and the “opera” are two different things. Peking opera includes a little bit of tumbling and mock-fighting. The Qianmen Hotel's Liyuan Theater has a nice opera show from 7:30pm-8:40pm daily. They focus on entertaining pieces with lots of action. You can also watch the performers doing make-ups before the show. We would like to help with booking the tickets if you neeed.

Name:Does Liyuan Theater need a reservation? Reply

I am very interested in Peking opera,after looking at your website,i think Liyuan Theater is a best place to go . I will arrive in Beijing on 10th Aug.,do I have to make a reservation in advance?

Name:We could help you to book the tickets of Liyuan Theater

The Peking opera of Liyuan Theater is well-known,you would better to make a reservation in advance because it is busy seasons (Mar-Oct each year) now. And we would like to help to reserve the tickets of Liyuan Theater for you and sent it to your hotel if you need.Besides Liyuan Theater,there are also Peking opera performences in Chang’an Grand Theater ,Huguang assembly Hall,and Meilanfang the Great Theater Each one of that is not worse than that of in Liyuan Theater.