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There are many Hot Spring Resorts in Beijing. When winter comes, the local people in Beijing will look for a Hot Spring Spa and relax themselves from the strain of life. It is the best way for people to escape from the flinty winter and enjoy a family reunion in the weekends or during the holidays. Most of the people will drive a long way to the suburban area of Beijing to enjoy the hot springs and spas there. The most famous hot springs in Beijing are: Jiuhua Spa & Resort, Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort, Longmai Hot Spring Resort, etc.. Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort and Jiuhua Spa & Resort actually have the same springhead - Xiaotangshan Hot Spring. Xiaotangshan has been famous for its hot springs for over 300 years. It not only attracts the imperial families to go and relax in the history, but also attracts the state leaders to enjoy the springs in modern time. The temperature of the clean and mineral-rich water ranges from 29 degress celsius to 90 degress celsius.

The hot spring resorts can also provide a wide variety of associated services for the guests. The resorts can provide the hotel accommodations, restaurants, entertainment facilities for the family members and bussiness arrangements. Unlike in some countries, no nudity will be encountered in these public areas. Most establishments feature private services, sometimes in separate villas. Each villa has a small hot spring suited to use by friends and family members. As China is rich in medicine herbs, appropriate amount of herbs are often added in hot spring water. Diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and other ailments can be mitigated by herbal and hot spr ing treatments. Hot springs are good for blood circulation, easing stress and detoxifying the body. Natural hot springs, especially those that add milk and flowers are highly recommended for ladies. At some hot springs in Beijing, bathers are able to walk barefooted on hot stones to promote blood circulation.

Here are the tips for enjoying hot springs: 1/ Enter hot spring pools one hour after dining; 2/ Hot springs are often far from city centre. Have a rest after long-distance transportation; wait until your energy is restored; 3/ Bathe for about 10 minutes before entering the pools; 4/ Use your feet to test pool temperatures; gradually step into the pools; 5/ Enjoy oneself in hot springs of low to high temperatures, ranging from 35–55 degrees Celsius; 6/ People with insomnia are advised to enjoy hot springs with relatively low temperatures. The same is true for children; 7/ Stay no longer than 20 minutes in a pool on each occasion, then have a rest and drink some water. Five dips into a hot spring are enough for one day; 8/ Massage one’s body, especially those parts with diseases such as joints; 9/ Get out of the pools immediately upon feeling ill or if you have a headache; 10/ Normally, there is no need to bathe after getting out of the pools. Use firming lotion to help the skin better absorb natural minerals. This is also a good time to use face-treatment masks and to get a body massage; 11/ Drink some water or green tea.

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I want to go to Hot Spring Resort with my family this weekend. I know there are many Hot Spring Spas in Beijing. Can you recommend a good Hot Spring Resort? I need a room with hot spring pool.

Name:Beijing Hot Spring Resorts reservation

There are many Hot Spring Resorts in Beijing. Usually, the price at weekends is doubled. It’ll be more expensive with the room including hot spring pool. We can help you book rooms. Jiuhua Spa&Resort comes first among Beijing Hot Spring Resorts & Spas. Jiuhua Spa&Resort is well-appointed with a large scale. Beijing Hot Spring Resorts are usually far from urban area. If you need pick-up transfer service, welcome to contact us. The quotation of rooms have been sent to your email, please check!