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Many foreign tourists come to Beijing and get excited to shopping here and it is so called the paradise of shopping. As we all know, frames and lenses of the eyeglasses can be very expensive to purchase, meaning that most wearers only have one or two pairs. If you can spend less money buying the same thing in Beijing, so why not change your glasses or just buy another pair for backup since you are in Beijing. There are many retailers and wholesalers of good glasses with reasonable prices in Beijing. There is a large collection of glasses shops for various frame and lens, sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses... You will have a large number of selection from classic shapes to wild designs.

Here in every shop, you can get on-the-spot prescription exams free of charge. Technicians can also get prescriptions from client's plastic eyeglasses, for those who want to avoid an eye exam. Lenses are ready very quick, in 30 minutes fastest. All purchases come with a glasses case and cloth for cleaning. The price is based on quality and there are plenty of opportunities for bargaining. Beijing Glasses City holds a whole bunch of vendors whom are mostly factory outlets for a bunch of Western glasses brands. Other famous glasses stores in Beijing include Lanzijing Glasses Optical Centre, which is of good quality and rich experience. If you wear eye glasses, Beijing is just like a goldmine for you to explore! 
Beijing Lanzijing Glasses Store is a leading brand in Beijing optometry industry. A great variety of frames, lens and sunglasses are provided at reasonable prices. Equipped with a professional optometrists, English-speaking sales clerks, advanced equipments and first-class service, Lanzijing Glasses Store is one of the best places for foreigners to buy prescription eyeglasses in Beijing!

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Name:Beijing Glassess Stores Reply

Can you tell me if there is any shop within the Beijing Airport that can have prescription eye glasses made for transit passengers. Thank you!

Name:Re:Beijing Glasses Stores

Hello. There are many Glass store in Beijing and you can buy the good quality and cheap items in Beijing. Many guests like to buy the glasses in Beijing. The capital airport also have the glasses store, you can buy the all kinds of glasses in the airport store. You can also buy it in the downtown.