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It is situated at the west of Dongsanhuan Nanlu, built in 1995 with a total construction floor space of over 26,000 square meters, of which an area of about 10,000 square meters if for lease. The city is built in the simple and unsophisticated style with magnificent decoration. It is the first secondhand goods market of the whole country with culture relic’s supervision and the biggest curio, art & crafts trade center in Asia. Currently, there are over 600 private antique dealers, who mainly engage in the business of 10 categories and over 1,000 varieties, including antiques and other articles, calligraphy, foreign and Chinese paintings, classic furniture, ancient clocks, ancient carpets, ancient porcelain and ivory carvings. Early in the year and in May and October each year, “Folk Customs Fair”, “Auction Week” and “Expo pf Beijing Chinese Curios Art” are held respectively. It is a paradise for Chinese and foreign collectors, antique fans as well as an art hall for tourists both from home and abroad to learn Chinese culture.

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