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- Beijing Dishes Introduction

Beijing Cuisine is famous for its hundreds of dishes with special flavors that are unmatched by any other cuisine in China. Beijing develops its own local delicacy due to the long history as a capital for several dynasties and assembles cuisines all over the country. Many dishes classified as Beijing style originated in the Imperial courts. Also Beijing was always the gathering place for literati, businessmen and officials in the past, so many excellent chefs followed these people to Beijing and brought other cuisines, especially Shandong cuisine, to the capital and hugely influenced Beijing cuisine. Beijing's local Muslims and others who migrate from Xinjiang and other parts also mixes its own flavor to the modern Beijing.

Beijing cuisine is one of China's most typical cuisine which does not emphasize strangeness or uniqueness, only delicious food made from common ingredients with tastes that are very agreeable. Beijing cuisine is more about roasting, frying, stewing, braising and steaming. It makes liberal use of stronger flavored roots and vegetables such as peppers, garlic, ginger, leek, onion and coriander. Instead of rice in Cantonese cuisine, noodles, dumplings, and bread which are made of powder make more senses in Beijing cuisine. Despite of all these, common local’s everyday meal have historically been limited to hardy foods that can survive in a climate of hot, dry summers and freezing cold winters.

Typical Beijing dishes include Beijing Roast Duck, Hot Pot (instant boiled sliced mutton) and the barbecue which may be seen along the streets. Quanjude and Dadong enjoy the highest reputation among roast duck restaurants in Beijing. Dong Lai Shun and You Yi Shun are famous hot pot restaurants. Imperial Court Food and Official Food are two main branches of Beijing cuisine. Now, the Tanjia Cuisine and Family Li Imperial Cuisine are better known as official food. In addition, a great variety of popular snacks can be tasted in Beijing, such as Fried Ring, Fried Dough Twist, Shaomai, Clay Oven Rolls, Bean Juice, Quick-fried Tripe , Filled Sausage and Fried Liver. Zhajiangmian, old Beijing noodles with soy bean paste, is a very common homemade dish in Beijing. Our Beijing tours always include a chance to eat roast duck. We can also customize your tour if anything else you would like to eat.

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