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The new Capital Museum is one of the new travel spots in Beijing. It opened to the public on May 18, 2006. Located along the western extension of Changan Street. The Capital Museum has become a culture window of Beijing with its unique architecture, abundant exhibitions, advanced technology and complete functions, ranking one of the best museums worldwide. The main buildings include the Rectangular Exhibition Hall, the Oval Exhibition Hall and the quadrate Office and Scientific Research Building. The exhibitions in the Capital Museum can be divided into three main categories: regular exhibitions, exhibitions of fine artistic collection and temporary exhibitions. There are totally 5,622 pieces of culture relics exhibited in the regular exhibitions and exhibitions of fine artistic collection. Lots of tourists would like to visit here. Beijing Capital Museum has held

hundreds of different exhibitions in history and cultural relics of China, and also the revolutionary history and folk customs of the Chinese people. It has also held international exhibitions, in countries such as America, Singapore and Malaysia, etc, in order to extend international communication and understanding between other countries and China. Magnifying glasses provided by the Capital Museum help you have a better look at the tiny pieces. The list of the main kinds of jade in ancient China, and sketch maps showing how the jades are used will also help you to better understand the exhibitions. Now, the Museum is one of the best displays of China's long and deep cultural history for both foreign and domestic people. The Capital Museum with its splendid treasures will provide you great pleasure, and its imposing building, advanced technology, and excellent services will

leave a deep impression on you. Here are some guide information for your tour to Beijing Capital Museum: Address: 16 Fuxingmenwai Street, Xicheng District,Beijing. Admission Fee: free, but you need to make reservation early, Reservation Time: The 5-day in advance reservation is shortened to 3-day in advance. Number of Tickets per Visitor: 5 tickets can be reserved per person per day. Box office and Entrance: (1) Individual visitors may collect tickets from the north box office and enter from the north entrance; (2) Group and agent visitors may collect tickets from the east box office at basement level and enter from the east basement entrance; (3) Visitors for the special exhibitions may purchase tickets directly from box office in the main lobby. Ticket-collecting Time: 9:00 -16:00 Tuesday–Sunday. Contact Number: 86-10-63393339 (09:00-17:00).

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Name:Is it worth visiting Beijing Capital Museum? Entrance ticket is needed? Reply

I have half day rest tomorrow. Is it worthy of visiting Beijing Capital Museum? Is there English-speaking narrator? Please give advice, thanks

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Beijing Capital Museum is a display window particular related to Beijing treasures. At present, visitors don’t need to pay the entrance fee to all the museums in Beijing, no exception for Beijing Capital Museum. There is no English-speaking guide and narrator. If you need, we can provide you an English-speaking guide. You can check our website, among which, there is a 1-day tour of Beijing Capital Museum. I think it suits you very well. Welcome to contact us anytime.