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Beijing Capital International Airport(PEK) is the gateway into the capital of China and the most important aviation hub in the country. The airport is situated in Shunyi District, 25km (16 miles) northeast from the center of Beijing city. Beijing Capital International Airport, officially opened on March 2nd 1958, is under the control of the Administrative Control of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). It is not only a window for international communication, but also a center for China civil aviation network. With the rapid development of the aviation business in China and the increasing volume of passengers and cargo transportation. Beijing Capital International Airport has been expanded in large scale and ranked as the world’s busiest airports in the past decade.
For Airline and Flight information, please refer to the followings:
Airport Enquiry: (86)10 64541100    Flight Enquiry: (86)10 962580 ( RMB3/per minute )

Terminal 1 (T1) of Beijing Capital Airport:
Terminal 1 was opened on Jan. 01st, 1980 with the area of 60,000 square meters and auxiliary facilities, including parking apron, car parks, etc. After 2008, T1 became the operational base for all domestic flights operated by the HNA Group, including those of Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Deer Air and Tianjin Airlines.
Terminal 2 (T2) of Beijing Capital Airport:
The Terminal 2, covering an area of 336,000 square meters and equipped with modern facilities, officially went into operation on November 01st 1999. Terminal 2 can handle 26,500,000 passengers yearly and 9,210 passengers at peak hours. There is a passengers’ linking passage between the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, which can provide the convenient service for the guests to transfer between the two terminals.

Terminal 3 (T3) of Beijing Capital Airport:
In order to accommodate the growing traffic volume during the Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing Capital Airport updated its facilities and added the enomous Terminal 3, which is the second largest terminal in the world, only ranked after the Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3. The terminal 3 looks like a dragon and is divided into 3 parts: T3A - the head, T3B - the tail and T3C - the body. The construction started in 2004 and finished at the end of 2007. Its fully operations commenced on March 26th, 2008. It is built to handle an immense increase in passenger capacity, expected to reach 60 million per year by 2015.

Airport Transportation
Airport Express Train: Opened just prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics, It carries passengers to the airport in twenty minutes from the city center, covering a distance of 28 kilometers.
Airport Shuttle Bus: There are nine different shuttle bus routes connecting the airport with various locations in the downtown area of Beijing.
Free Inter-Terminal Shuttle Bus Service: Every 10 minutes, there is a free shuttle bus leaving from Terminal 3 for Terminal 2 and then Terminal 1. Each bus takes about 10 minutes for one-way transfer.
Taxi: Metered taxis are available at the officially designated taxi ranks. Journey time to the city centre is between 45 and 60 minutes, dependent on traffic conditions.

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Name:What airline lands on the new Beijing airport? Reply

We’ve been planning a trip to Beijing recently and want to have a look at the new airport, Terminal 3. I wonder which airline lands on T3. Besides, we need airport pick-up service. We’re of five persons. How much from Beijing Airport to Great Wall Hotel?

Name:Re:What airline lands on the new Beijing airport?

The new terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport is currently the world's largest single terminal, it is spectacular. Facilities are very advanced, you can take Air China flight that arrives at Terminal 3. Most other international flights are arriving in Beijing's new airport. We can provide you with Beijing airport-hotel transfer services. Please check the price sent to your email.