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Baoguosi Antique Market

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Sitting inside the Baoguosi (Baoguosi Temple) on the Guang’anmen Street in the south of the Beijing city, it was first built and called “Chongguo Si” in 1284. In 1472, the name was changed to “Baoguosi”. The market was set up in July 1997. Since the temple was well preserved, through concerted efforts of the units concerned, the market, although set up late, has caught up with and surpassed the others. Now it is a huge market dealing with old books, calligraphy, paintings, coins, bronze mirrors, picture-story books, old magazines, curios and others. The business is brisk. The professional halls open all the year round are World Coins Museum, Chinese Stamps Hall, Chinese Coins Hall, Hall of Lottery Tickets, Stocks & Grain Coupons, Hall of Pictures on Cigarette Packets and Match Boxes, Gallery of Stamps, Coins and Cards, China Periodicals Hall, Hall of Picture- Story Books, etc. The grand hall at the back of the temple is the place for preview-exhibition of auction held by the Oriental International Auction Company Ltd. There are many capable coin businessmen who mainly deal with coins. It is the most professional market of coins. Coin businessmen and collectors all over the country gather here four times a year at the coin fair. Monthly auction fair for locals and appreciation and collection lectures are held here. They are warmly welcomed by the common folks. The picture-story books for kids are multiple and cheap. Many educated people and coin collectors come here on weekend for their favorite materials, books and picture albums.

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