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Qufu-Hometown of Confucius

By china tour on 6/24/2009 9:02:00 AM | China Travel Review

QUFU -Hometown of Confucius Qufu is the old capital of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, the capital of Lu Kingdom in the Zhou Dynasty ,It is also famous as the birthplace of Confucius who was the most celebrated ideologist, politician, educationist, and the initiator of Confucianism in later Spring and Autumn Period. Its time-honored history and civilization as well as gorgeous oriental culture make it world-widely popular. Qufu was always thought of as the holy land in China's long feudalistic society. Nowadays, Qufu also called Oriental Jerusalem by many westerners. SO QUFU is a real Chinese cultural and historical city ,and the symbol of China Travel Guide

Confucius-- Confucius always was talked with dragon together. Dragon in China is always moving forward following the syncretism of god and human, and dragon in China is generally considered as a mysterious symbol constituted of fish, crocodile, deer, eagle and snakes together with cloud, rainbow, thundering and lightning. At that time, Confucius thought of Laozi, the founder of Taoism, as dragon. It was said that he paid a special visit to Laozi in Luoyi. After he came back, he was excited at shouting: I see the dragon! That is right, Laozi's expression and deep thought on life indeed let he look like a dragon.
It is said that there were two dragons falling off from the heaven and landed on the roof of house where his mother lived, when Confucius was born at night. Two goddesses also flied down to give bath to this sage. Generally it is understandable that many writers make use of the dragons to enhance the inviolability and holiness of celebrities. Chinese emperors won't give up any chance to show their particularity by virtue of auspicious omen and uncommon phenomena. Confucius temples and palaces are also decorated with the dragon pictures or sculptures.
Diversity of historical and cultural sites and relics are also easily found, many celebrities houses and tombs are also available. Among these rich historical and humanistic resources, Confucius' Temple, Confucius' Mansion and Confucius' Cemetry are the most attractive and worthy places to see.