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By china tour on 6/15/2009 9:21:00 AM | China Travel Review

Welcome to visit www.itourbeijing.com. We are one of the top travel agency and tour operator in China. We can provide the best travel service to our guests who want to visit our beautiful cities in China. We can offer all kinds of thebudget tours and packages to travelers all over the world. Also, we can make the tailored itinerary for individuals, families and groups to have a tour in the cities of China. It is your best choice to travel and tour with itourbeijing.com. Our package tours, city tours, even the hotel and vehicle reservation are all prepared for you to have a good experience and a quality travel service when you are in China.
We are a reliable and practical travel agency and internet company for tourists and business travelers. Itourbeijing has grown from the experienced team of China Oriental Dream International Travel Service (License Number ZY-GJ00046), which has operated top class international travel services in partnership with businesses from Europe, America and Japan for many years. The reason that we make the website is to let the people to have a deep understanding about our beautiful country and culture. Every contry has its own culture and we eager to promote our culture and also our beautiful scenery to the world.

Beijing Tours: The Beijing Tours page provides you the depth Beijing tour of all the famous attractions in Beijing. You can find the short time tours and the standard tours of the city of Beijing;Beijing Guide: The Beijing Guide page offers the detailed introductions of the famous attractions in Beijing, which can bring a deep understanding to the guests from the world.
China Tours: The China Tours page provides the city tours and the package tours with all the cities in China. You can find the budget, standard and the luxury tours to tailor your requests.
China Guide: The China Guide page offers the detailed introductions of the famous attractions in all the cities of China, but except Beijing, which can bring a deep understanding to the guests from the world.
Travel Agent: The Travel Agent page provides the detailed introduction of our company: the history of our company, the services we provide and the photos of our company, etc.
Yangtze Cruise: The Yangtze Cruise page offers the different type of cruises on the Yangtze River. The luxury curise, the standard cruise and the budget cruise to fulfill guests’ request.
Great Wall: The Great Wall page provides the introduction, history and the tours of the Great Wall in Beijing, China. Guests can enjoy one of the world’s famous sights in Beijing, China.
China Culture : Everyone wants to  know more history and culture background before they come to China, From here you can get in touch  with  the China culture in depth.China Travel Tips :China Travel Tips shows you all the answers of the travel questions by previous travellers .
China Travel Review: How can you trust we are the best travel service on line ?Please attention to the words from our tourists.
China Hotel: China Hotel provides you  the  best accommodation in China  with Best service and  good discount price.
China Picture:  China picture shows you a fantastic view of China, attractions and landscape scenery.
China Golf Travel: China is good place to play golf , from this part ,you can easily get to choose a ideal place to play golf and have golf  courses .
Business Travel : China is a ideal place to invest  and do business , we can offer any business trip in China,Whatever you want .
China Visa : If you want to go to China and take our tour programme, you must have a passport that is valid for at least three months after your visit to China and you must also already have the necessary legal visa to China. Every person need to have an approved visa before entering China. what’s more