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The future of China Toursim

By china tour on 6/16/2009 8:15:00 AM | China Travel News

The future of Chinese tourism
Despite such obstacles, the interests of Chinese tourists have been promoted by their increasing popularity with the international tourism industry, which covets their free-spending ways, and foreign governments, who see big profit potential in attracting more Chinese travelers. The results of this trend are already evident: in 2005, over 31 million overseas trips were made by Chinese passport holders, a 50-fold jump from 20 years ago. One can safely predict that the number of outbound Chinese tourists may reach 100 million within the next decade.
The impact of the tourist boom goes well beyond the travel industry - for example, the increasing awareness of what "good service" is will, by itself, have a substantial impact on the quality of life in China. And the internationalization of hotels has fed the internationalization of other industries, as the foreign investors staying in the hotels exert their influence beyond the hotel doors. These effects will only grow in the future, as the benefits of tourism continue to sink in year after year.