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Western Church

By china tour on 11/25/2009 8:58:00 AM | Beijing Tours

The Western Church is the youngest Church among the four famous catholic churches in Beijing. It is located on the sourtern side of Xizhimen Neijdajie. The chuch was built in Qing Dynasty, under the direction of Italian Missinary Teodoricus Pedrini, who had worked as a teacher of princes to tutor them Western Culture. The Western Church was first established in 1723 and restored in 1912. Because of a pharmacy factory beside the place of worship, it nearly cannot be seen from the street. But delicate Collins pillars and Gothic peaked arches inside the church make it grand, elegant and solemn.
Address:    the southern side of Xizhimen Neidajie
To get there: Take bus route 7, 808, 27, or 105 to the Xitang
Mass time:   Every Sunday morning