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South Cathedral

By china tour on 11/25/2009 9:03:00 AM | Beijing Tours

South Cathedral, known as the church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin, is the oldest Catholic Church in China. It was first built by Italian missionary Matteo Ricci In the period of Emperor Wanli in Ming Dynasty. Then it was rebuilt under the direction of Adam Schall. Schall was a Jesuit missionary and tutor to the Emperor KangXi, one of a series of missionaries who served in the imperial court. After being destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the time of Emperor Qianlong, the church was closed in 1827 by Emperor DaoGuang but saved from confiscation by the Portuguese Bishop of Beijing. The current building was constructed in 1904.
This Church now forms the Catholic Center of Beijing. At 10am Sunday mass, it delivers in English and French, attracts a many Catholics from different countries in Beijing. This church has a friendly atmosphere. Every Sunday there is a small army of church members welcome people at the gate, giving details about the mass and the church mission. Visitors are very welcome to sit in but if you arrive late it is standing room only.
Address:     141 Qianmenxi Dajie, Xuanwu District
To get there:  Take the loop subway to Xuanwumen Station. The church is a few metres from the northeast exit of the station.
Mass Times:  Monday to Friday 6.00am (Latin) 6.30 & 7.15 am (Chinese)
Saturday 6.30 pm (Chinese)
Sunday 6.00am (Latin) 7.00 & 8.30 am (Chinese) 10.00am & 4.00 pm (English)