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Lao She's Teahouse

By china tour on 12/17/2009 5:05:00 PM | Beijing Tours

Laoshe Teahouse is Beijing folk art museum located at Qianmen area. It is named after the famous dramatist Laoshe and his Opera "Teahouse". The Tea House was first built in 1988, occupies an area of about 2,600 square meters. At present it is a wonderful entertainment house with short shows by comedians, singers, musicians, acrobats, magician, and opera performers. Meanwhile, you can taste dilicious traditional local snacks during the show. There is also a separate section in the building to serve dinner for visitors. Since it is open to public, it has received about 47 state leaders, nobles, and more than 2,000,000 visitor from home and abroad.
Laoshe Teahouse is a three-storey building. There are two stone statues in front guarded the entrance for more than 10 years. The first floor is the reception labby with a resturant on the other side in the same building. The second floor is the VIP area. It is quiet and relaxed with a mix of traditional Chinese music and birds chirping in the background. There are only six separate rooms with their special features spread on the siheyuan style ground. An adjacent room display paintings, art objects like paper cuttings, figurines, antiques, kites and jade carvings.
On the third floor you can experience Beijing opera, acrobatics and magic performances. Although the teahouse is not as quiet and classic as the VIP ones, the performance and the loud boisterous banter that can be heard there are the charms of the Da Wang Cha teahouse. While you are enjoy the show, you can taste the traditional Beijing snacks like: rolling donkey, hawthorn, tea cookies, sticky rice, etc.