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Housekeeping Service in Beijing

By china tour on 12/7/2009 7:17:00 AM | Beijing Tours

Beijing is an ideal destination for many foreign people. They are working and living in Beijing. When they decide to live in Beijing, they need to take care of their daily activities. Housekeeping become an important problem in their daily life. After the hard working during their day time, they do not have enough time to do the housekeeping in the evening or in the weekend. Then, the house keeping companies appears. They can help the foreign people to tidy their rooms, purchase the raw materials or ingredients and cook a table of Chinese or western food. Here are the six popular housekeeping companies that we recommend in Beijing. We hope they can help the foreigners who are in trouble with housekeeping.
1/ Beijing Ayi Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd
Registered with Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, the company was founded in early 2003 with independent corporate capacity. They can provide various professional housekeeping and cleaning services for foreign families in Beijing, local families with middle and high-level income, foreign embassies and foreign enterprises in Beijing. Their quality services and management have won a high reputation among the people from abroad.

2/ Beijing Zhengxianghe Housekeeping Service Center
This company is a member of Beijing Housekeeping Association. This company has powerful actual strength, and the model of management is internationalized. It can offer you safe and high quality services.
3/ Beijing Bluelight Housekeeping Services
This is an international company, whose headquarter is in Canada. The business management is canonical. What’s important is that they have many highly quality staffs, who also have excellent English ability. It is sure that it can offer you an advanced English tutor and housekeeping services, which will make you satisfied.
4/ Beijing Guang Xin Housekeeping Service
This is a corporate chain, which has enjoyed many honors for its advanced management and standard operation. Their chief line is offering housekeeping, sanitation services, labor service and consultation services.
5/ China Youth Housekeeping Company
This is a company with powerful actual strength and wonderful public praise. It has been enjoying good reputation since it is founded. It has received many honors by its professional services, widely service coverage and highly service quality. Above all, you can trust it without any suspicion.
6/ Beijing Safe Housekeeping
It can offer you many kinds of housekeeping services, and the management is standard. It enjoys a good reputation in the past years and will try their best to provide the perfect service for the customers.