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German Cuisine

By china tour on 12/17/2009 5:14:00 PM | Beijing Tours

German cuisine is a cooking style originatied form Germany with variations from region to region. German cuisine is famous for the variety of its meat production. Take sausage for example, there're hundreds of different kinds of sausages in German cuisine. Some germans are into raw dishes, such as Tartar Stake which is made of minced raw beef, onions and yolk. The flavor is sour and salty because pickles are widely used in cooking. German is also famous for beers, and Munich holds beer carnival annually. Bread is a significant part of German cuisine and is considered necessary for a healthy diet. About 600 main types of breads and 1,200 different types of pastries and rolls are produced in about 17,000 bakeries and another 10,000 in-shop bakeries.
Die Kochmützen - Made in Germany
Average Cost per Person: CNY120
Recommended Dishes: Potato Paste, Sauerkraut
Tel: 5869 3830
Hours: Daily 11am-11pm
Location: Building7, Jianwan SOHO, No.39, Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
Der Landgraf
Average Cost per Person: CNY100 - CNY150
Recommended Dishes: Mushroom Soup, Beer, Steak, Banger
Tel: 6768 2664
Hours: Daily 11am-1am
Location: A2 Pufang Lu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Paulaner Brauhaus
Average Cost per Person: CNY170
Recommended Dishes: Beer, Banger, Bread, Sauerkraut
Tel: 6465 3388 ext 5732
Hours: Daily 11.30am-1am
Location: 1/F Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, 50, Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
Schindlers Tankstelle
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Recommended Dishes: Beer, Banger
Tel: 6463 1108
Hours: 11:00 - 24:00
Location: A15 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District
Schindlers Anlegestelle
Average Cost per Person: CNY125
Recommended Dishes: Beer, Banger
Tel: 6463-1108
Open 11am-1am
Location: No.10, Sanlitun Bei Xiaojie, Chaoyang District

Average Cost per Person: CNY85
Recommended Dishes: Banger
Tel: 6464-9016
Hours: 10am-1am
Location: 1 Liangmahe Nanlu, opposite Jingcheng Manion, Sanyuanqiao, Chaoyang District
Kebab Café
Average Cost per Person: CNY80
Recommended Dishes: Pumpkin Soup
Tel: 6415-5812
Location: No.46, Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District
Traktir Russian Cuisine Restaurant
Location: A1 Xiyangguan Hutong, Beizhongjie,Dongzhimen Neidajie, Dongzhimen
Tel: 6403-1896
Hours: 10am-10:30pm
Traktir Pushkin Russian Cuisine Restaurant
Location: 5-15 Dongzhimen Neidajie, Dongzhimen, west of Dongzhimen subway
Tel: 8407-8158
Hours: 11am-11pm
Ailin Canguan
Location: 8 Dongzhimen North Zhongjie
Tel: 6403-5215
Hours: 11am-11:30pm
Hours: 10am-late evening
Location: Ritan North Road, across from Fangcaodi Primary School
Tel: 6595-0273
The Baikal
Location: 2 Dongzhimen North Zhongjie
Tel: 6405-2380
Hours: 11am-12pm
The beet salad gleams with truly sour cream and the pirozhki come straining against their meat or cabbage stuffing. Fun place for those all-out parties.
The Elephant
Location: 17 Ritan North Road
Tel: 6502-4013
Hours: 10am-12am
Beijing Elephant Absent Club
Address: B1,12Huasheng InternationalBuilding,Yabaolu,Chaoyang District
Tel: 86-10-51206758/51206538
Hui Yang Russian Restaurant (Trakir)
10am-12pm, RMB100-200.
93 Yabao Road
6592-4073, 6595-8248
The Moscow RItan
Location: Yabaolu, Southwest of Ritan Park, Chaoyang District
Moscow Restaurant
Location: No.135, Xizhimenwa, Xicheng District
Tel: 010-68354454
Russian Restaurant
24 hours service, RMB100-200
19 Yabao Road
Restaurant Kiev
Location: CCTV Tower, 13 Puhui Nanli, Yuyuantan Nanlu (west of the Millennium Monument), Haidian District
Hours: Daily 11am-11pm
Tel: 010-6828 3482, 6827 7309
Little Birch Western Restaurant
Location: Fuchengmen, 24 Fuchengmenwai Dajie, 1/F, Jingbin Hotel, Xicheng District
Hours: Daily 11am-11pm
Tel: 010-6858 2233 ext 1666