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Beijing Happy Valley Theme Park

By china tour on 12/17/2009 5:11:00 PM | Beijing Tours

Beijing Happy Valley Theme Park is located in the southeast corner of Sifang Bridge, on the fouth ring road in Chaoyang Districe. Opened to public since 2006, it is another Disneyland in Mainland China. Covering an area of 1,000,000 square kilometers, Happy Valley is composed of six theme parks: The Wild Fjord, Atlantic, Aegean Sea, Lost Maya, Shangri-La, and the Ant Kingdom. More than 50 scenic sights of culture and ecology are scattered in all direction, to offer you a rare opportunity to experience the charm of various civilizations regardless of the distance of space and time. It is really a beautiful artistic picture where you can see tree houses, docks, bridges, towns, ancient towers, lakes, forests and other amazing scenic spots beyond your imagination.
The Wild Fjord-the first section you will see when you enter the park, the travel "hub" where all buses, carts stop to load and unload. Atlantis-a fantastic place, demostrating the lost city of Atlantis might have looked like. Aegean Sea-enjoying renditions of ancient Greek warships, seeing the cottages along Odyssey Mountain, and even take a ride in the fabled Trojan Horse. Lost Maya--exploring the land and legends of the lost Mayan civilization here. Shangri-La-a true paradise with rushing waterfalls, wild rides, and the "Forever Harmonious Restaurant." Ant Kingdom-a place where the world begins to take on gigantic proportions.
Besides the six theme parks, there are also many Thematic Leisure Activities available, such as: Pop Music Festival, Maximal Exercise Festival, Chinese Spring Festival, Water-Splashing Festival, International Magic Day.