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Beijing forgeign Studyies University

By china tour on 11/10/2009 9:00:00 AM | Beijing Tours

Beijing forgeign Studyies University Introduction
Beijing forgeign Studyies University is affiliated to the ministy of China Education with more than 60years history. Beijing Foreign Studies University. offers the largest number of language learning programs and other interdisciplinary studies in China. It has been China's s principal base offering excellent training in foreign relations, foreign trade, foreign culture and foreign language learning and teaching. The university is one of the first nationally accredited institutions offering Masters and Doctoral degree programs. In her history of over sixty years, the university has turned out tens of thousands of graduates with high levels of proficiency in foreign languages, foreign relations or related areas. The university has won the name of cradle for diplomats in China thanks to her outstanding graduates serving wherever five-starred red flag is flying.
Traditional ideas for time, space, resource accumulation and capture have been experiencing amazing changes with the fast growth of contemporary network technology. After China's entry into the WTO, the growing need for multi-disciplinary English majors will provide unprecedented opportunities and challenges to English teaching and online education.Facing the century's greatest opportunities, the Institute is committed to be China's largest online foreign language university offering the best possible education by virtue of our continuous and vigorous endeavors.

Institute Leadership Team
Team Leader: Chen, Nai-fang
Members: He, Qi-shen Zhong, Mei-sun Zhou, Lie Gu, Yue-guo Li, Peng-yi
HQ of BeiwaiOnline
Dean: Chen, Nai-fang (President of BFSU)
Vice Dean: Gu, Yue-guo (Executive Dean)     Li, Peng-yi   Wang, Xiu-ming    Cao, Wen   Wang, Tong

Resource System BeiwaiOnline educational system consists of four core elements including the Resource System, the Service System, the Assessment System and the Quality Control System. BeiwaiOnline resource bank includes (1) core learning resources and meta-resources serving learners, (2) core teaching resources and meta-resource serving tutors , (3) management resources serving administrative staff, (4) resources serving resource developers, and (5) resources serving researchers. The resource development features diversification, that is, diversified objects, goals and phases . It is also multi-modal integrating literal , audio, video, multi-media and internet resources. BeiwaiOnline is dedicated to developing modular, individualized resources that are multi-layer, multi-entry and multi-exit, and thus embody its philosophy of teaching and learning.