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Alsafa Arabic Restaurant

By china tour on 12/17/2009 4:53:00 PM | Beijing Tours

In Beijing, there are some Arabian restaurants serving authentic Arabian cuisine. Below are some recommended ones that you might want to dine around.
Alsafa Arabic Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Location: Liangmahe Nanlu,Sanlitun,near Capital Mansion
Tel: 6468-9866
Hours: Open 9-11:30PM
1001 nights
> Gongti
Location: 3-4 Gongti Beilu,,Gongti, opposite the Zhaolong Hotel
Tel: 6532-4050
> Solana
Location: Solana, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu, Chaoyang Park
Tel: 5905-6316
Hours: Open 11am-2am
Address: Lake View Place Dragon Bay Villa Huan Road, Bldg 3, Unit 2,Shunyi
Tel: 8042-2248
website: www.zaatarbj.com
Hours: Open 11:30-14:30, 17:30-22:00

Address: Intersection of Gongti North Road and Third Ring Road, Sanlitun
Tel: 8454-3838
website: www.rumigrill.com
Open 11:30am-12pm
Sahara Restaurant
Adress: Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: phone: (8610) 6507 3521
Hours: 10:00am-02:00am
Ba Li Xiang Restaurant
Add:No. 41-2, Xinyuanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Location:Hilton Beijing, Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing
Since China is not a Muslim country and most of Chinese Muslim populations live in Northwest China, Muslim restaurants in East China, North China and South China always serve wine to non-Muslim diners in order to survive. Please be aware that it is very common to see wines served at Muslim restaurants in China.