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Qing'an Assembly Hall Guide

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Known as the Queen of Heaven Palace, the main architecture of this building is the Heaven Hall, where traders worshiped the god and prayed for the safe trips on the ocean. The architecture adopted brick carving, stone carving and red golden wood carving. It's one rare surviving structures invaluable to the study of Ningbo's history of foreign trade and overseas shipping, and the early architecture in eastern Zhejiang.
Qing’an Assembly Hall  is a 3A tourist site in Ningbo, located on No.156, Jiangdong North Road, Ningbo. It was built in 1852 (the third year of Xianfeng reign (1850–61) of Qing dynasty), and served as an entertainment and gathering house for traders and laborers on the shipping route between Yongfu to North Ocean. It was also a place of worshiping God, and was called "the Queen of Heaven Palace in Yongdong" because shipping traders believed in "The God of the Queen of Heaven".

Qing’an Assembly Hall is one of the eight surviving Queen of Heaven Palaces and one of the seven surviving Assembly Halls. It is one rare preserved ancient architecture combining the style of Queen of Heaven Palace and the Assembly Hall.
The building faces west, and covers an area of 8,000 square meters. It was divided into two theaters one used for worshiping the god, and the other for the entertainment for traders. The entrance, Yimen, front drum theater, grand palace, back drum theater, back hall, front and back wing-rooms are all aligned to the middle line of the structure. The building used the traditional Ningbo craftworks, including brick carving, stone carving and red golden wood carving. It was an acclaimed masterpiece of local craftworks in modern times of Ningbo.
Location:Jiangdong District, Ningbo; Opening Hours:24 Hours; Contact number: + 86-10-58968802 Tickets: CNY10

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