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Travel China Communications

Travellers in China may have many questios about the communication system in China. On this page, we would like to provide some useful tips and practical answers.
Cell Phone
A cell phone is useful to take abroad, but you must check that your phone's provider will function in the country that you intend to visit. There are basic tips to look for, either from the phone's manual or from your service provider before travelling:
The GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communications, is commonly used all over the world. A GSM phone will work in almost every country, aside from Japan and South Korea, where there is currently no GSM coverage. Instead of the GSM system, these countries utilise the 3G system, and other phone providers do not work in these counties. The 3G standard has been expanding in recent years for global coverage, but is still in early development in many countries.
Telecommunications in China are very advanced with much of the country using digital fiber optic cables. The telephone servoice is very good and most calls including domestic long distance and international calls can be made right from your hotel room. Followings are tips for making phone calls in or to China:
For domestic calls, the prefix "0" and the appropriate area code is used. International calls use the standard "00" prefix, followed by the county code, area code and number. To call China, first connect with the international direct-dial service (IDD). China's international country code is "86", then you will need the city code (remember to drop the first 0). A list of city codes can be seen in our accompanying table. Finally you will need the local number of whomever you wish to call.

Postal Service
In China, the postal service is one of the most efficient public systems around. Domestic prices are very cheap and international postage is very reasonable. Many tourist hotels have in house post offices for mail and shipping, but a hotel front desk is the easiest place to have mail dispatched. International couriers (such as DHL) can be found in most Chinese cities, and hotels can make arrangements for delivery for guests.
Post offices are numerous in China and can be found in any town or nearly every block in urban areas. Domestic postage is quick and cheap. Some cities have a same day delivery service within the city. Delivery between large cities is usually overnight. Airmail is also pretty quick with an average letter or postcard taking between 5-10 days.
Internet Use
Internet access is widely available in China. Most good hotels provide an Internet service of some kind; whether in a Business centre or as part of the room facilities. Internet cafes are numerous and cheap.
Many hotels now have a Business Centre which have computers available for the use of guests. In some hotels you can find rooms that come with Internet access for use with your own computer.
Internet Cafes are very popular now in China, and can be found in most places. Prices in these Cafes will be cheaper than a hotel, but they are not as convenient or safe, especially if you stay very late.

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Name:Travel China Communications Reply

Hi Linda, please I want to know whether the hotels you arrange for us equipped with WBLLN? Is it free? I need hotel rooms with internet because I need to deal with my business every day.

Name:Re:Travel China Communications

Hi there, all the hotel we arranged for you are equipped with WBLLN and free. All you need to do is to take your laptop with you. Communications are booming recently in China, so most hotels are WBLLN facilitied.