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Tips for Individual Traveler

For lone travelers there are 3 possible travel options. First is booking a full package tour through a travel agency, which is the most convenient but most expensive option. Choosing this option means very little work, as all your holiday details will be pre-booked (i.e. Flights, hotels, meals etc). Each town will have numerous experienced Chinese guides to help arrange trips to tourist destinations. Another option is to go for a mini-package tour. With this option the traveler has the flexibility of planning their own sightseeing and keeping their own timetable, while all the big details like flights and accommodation are handled by the travel agent. Usually the agents arrange for pick up and travel to the hotel and once there the hotel will have a local travel agent that can arrange whatever sight seeing the traveler desires.

The last option is total independent travel. Using this option the traveler has nothing pre-booked for them by agents, and arranges all their own details. The flexibility of this way of traveling has made it very popular in recent years. Many people find that this option gives them a greater chance to experience Chinese culture first hand. Most people like to book their flights, rail tickets and hotels when they first arrive to avoid some of the stress associated with this type of traveling and so they can just enjoy their trip.

The most challenging way to see China is to travel on your own as this will provide the most flexibility and freedom. Without any prearrangement done, it all boils down to your whims and fancies. It may be a little troublesome and time-consuming but challenging enough and offers more chances to get close to see the authentic China and her people, as well as their everyday lives. However, one is highly recommended to carry out some research well beforehand before departure. Then upon arrival, book the accommodation and the tours as soon as possible.

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Name:Individual Traveller Reply

I’m a back-packer and want to do a DIY tour in Tibet. I want to stay in around 10 dollars motels. Is it safe? Can I have shower there?

Name:Re: Individual Traveller

DIY tour is getting popular in China and lots of foreign friends are doing DIY travel in China. But Tibet is special that DIY travel is not allowed. Foreigners have to get TTP (Tibet Travel Permit) to enter Tibet. If you want to do some DIY tours, we suggest you going to other places or finding a reliable travel agency to help you.