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Tips for Air Travel

You do need some valuable Tips for China Air Travel, even though taking plane has become the the easiest and quickest way to travel today in most western countries. Every year since 1978, China's airlines have undergone massive improvements. At the start of 2004 over 1,175 domestic and international airlines operated in China. There is no language barrier aboard the planes since all staff can speak fluent English and flight announcements are made in English as well as Mandarin. In major cities in China, plane ticket booking is available via a computer network or the Internet. Airport tax is required.

The followings are some tips we collect for you when you travel China by air.
Confirmation: If you have reserved a seat to continue your flight in China, or for a return journey on an international or regional flight, you should reconfirm its reservation at least 72 hours before departure if you'll stop over at the boarding place for longer than 72 hours.
Ticket Validity: The validity period of normal fare tickets, whether for single, return or circular trips, is one year. The validity periods of special fare tickets and discount normal fare tickets are calculated on the basis of related fares in accordance with relevant stipulations.
Free Luggage Allowance by Weight: The free luggage allowance by weight for every passenger holding a ticket with full fare or half fare for an international or regional flight is 40kg for a first-class ticket, 30kg for a business class ticket, and 20kg for an economy class ticket.
Carry-on Baggage: 2 pieces for a passenger holding a first-class ticket; and 1 piece for a passenger with a business or an economy-class ticket. The dimensions for each piece of luggage allowed should not exceed 20x40x55cm, and the maximum weight shall not exceed 5kg.
Hope these tips will help you a great travel to China by air.

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I’m going to travel in China next month. My family is of 4 persons, with 6 pieces of luaggages. Is that OK with Chinese domestic flights? Will there be any trouble? Any penalty? Please give us some suggestions of tips for air travel in China.

Name:Re:Tips for Air Travel

When you’re travelling in China by air, there are some baggage weight restrictions. For economy class, the carry-on baggage is 5kg and the checked baggage is 20 kg. But if the luggage doesn’t exceed too much, usually the airport won’t be that strict. The economy in China is good and you can buy many things locally. We suggest you taking as less baggage as you can.