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Here we provide some useful information and practical tips on China Highway Travel. Traveling across China by road as opposed to by plane or rail is a unique way of seeing China. The long distance bus system holds several advantages as a means of travel over the trains or flying. Highway travel is flexible and effective, especially for medium and short distances. The density of highways is ten times higher than railways and water transport, and highways are distributed widely. As well, highway travel can serve individuals well through private cars as well as buses.

Firstly, it actually does go everywhere. Especially to the west of the country but also occasionally in the rest China, many remote areas are inaccessible by train or plane. Secondly, bus tickets are both cheaper and easier to purchase than rail or air tickets as buses are plentiful and not in as high demand amongst Chinese travelers. Lastly, all major cities and most large towns have long distance bus stations and the tickets are sold at the station itself and booking in advance is not required allowing more flexibility in your itinerary.

Highway travel is the main city and intercity transport means in China. Nowadays, buses and bus stops are common in the city and coach stations are usually found near train stations for travelers' convenience. Taxis are also available in the city area at any time if you are in a hurry and willing to pay a little more. Taxi fares are usually paid directly to the driver according to the distance displayed on the meter when arriving at the destination. Tickets for long-distance buses can be bought on the buses or at a ticket office. Only a few long-distance buses offer simple free meals during the trip, so you have to prepare some food and drink in advance.
Hope these tips above will help you with a smooth China Highway Travel.

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Name:HighwaysTravel Reply

Hi, I will arrive in Shanghai on September 5th. I wanna know how long it takes buy bus if I want to visit Yellow Mountain. Is there highway available?

Name:Re: Highways Travel

China highway construction is developing rapidly. Good news for you, the highway from Hangzhou to Yellow Mountain is in use. In that case, if you want to travel in Huangshan from Shanghai, you can go to Hangzhou first and then to Yellow Mountain. The roads between these cities are both highway, about 5 hours’ driving. But the toll fees on highway are expensive in China.