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Chinese Typical Products

Jade has the status of royalty and fortune in Chinese tradition for 5,000 years. It is the symbol of the emperors, and can be found on many of their tombs from thousands of years ago, and in the artifacts inside the tombs, as it was thought to offer preservation after death. It is commonly seen as a symbol of love and virtue as well as something precious. Jade or "Yu" in China is of similar wealth to gold in the West, and is a greatly admired status symbol.

Chinese Bronze
Bronze has always been regarded as one of the first alloy metals to be utilised in many cultures for equipment vital to everyday life, such as ploughshares, yokes and axles. As early as the 17th century BC the Chinese were using Bronze, an alloy of copper with a small mixture of tin and lead, which added strength and durability, ensuring many of the pieces are still around today,  to create artifacts of beauty and symbolism throughout their culture.

Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphy is a brush art which is unique to Asian cultures. The four main disciplines of the cultured scholars of China include Shu (Calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument) and Qi (a strategic board game). The most highly regarded of these, "Shu Fa" (calligraphy) is often thought to be representative of the individual's personality.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is thought to surpass the four great inventions that China is known for throughout the world, Paper-making, movable printing, the compass and gunpowder. TCM is seen in modern times as a greater contribution in both academic and technological terms.

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I'm going to Beijing next month. What’s the Chinese typical products? I want to buy some Chinese typical products as gifts

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There’re many Chinese typical products. I suggest you buying artware and crafts. Silk, Cloisonne orTea are all good choices.