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China Travel in Groups

Advance preparations will go far in planning a great group trip, both in the success of the event and the amount saved. Here we have put together the following information and tips to help make your tour planning process go as smoothly as possible.
Traveling in China is exciting and now offers more flexibility, especially if you organise group traveling. Whether your preference is for first class travel, super-deluxe package tours or budget travel, China can provide something for your taste.
Group travel is the easiest way to travel in China in comfort and without costing too much. With the right deal, your itinerary, hotel accommodation and meals, and sightseeing tours will be booked in advance by the travel agency, whose price will cover the majority of expenses for the trip, allowing you to spend your additional money on shopping and leisure.

Your travel agency will be able to arrange a local tour guide to pick you up at the airport and accompany you during your holiday. They will be in charge of guiding you around the scenic spots and tourist attractions of China. If your group contains more than 10 people, there will be a permanent Chinese tour guide allocated to your group as well as the local tour guides who will guide you around the particular sites.
The followings are some tips for group travel:
1. Respect the culture and laws of the country you’re in.
2. Choose a reliable travel agency.
3. Stay with Your Group. Unless it’s a designated personal time, stay with your group. At the same time, keep an eye on others in the group to make sure no one gets left behind at the museum or while standing at a bus stop.
4. Listen to the tour guide. But be careful though, as some guides will induce you to buy  unnecessarily.
5. Always have the hotel contact number and the contacts of the guide in case of lost or emergency.
6. Tipping is not compulsory in China, different travel agencies have different requirements.
7. If you feel discomfort when traveling, inform the guide instantly.

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I'm from Ukraine and want to join in a group tour in Beijing. How much is it?

Name:Re: China Travel in Groups

Hi, we provide join-in group tour for travellers. The detailed itineraries are on the page of Beijing Coach Tour. Our group tour is usually about ten persons.