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China Travel Exit Regulations

On departure, travelers must fill in Exit Registration Cards and have their passports and visas checked. Articles registered on the Customs Luggage Declaration Form should all be brought out of China. If any item is missing, a certificate by the relevant department is required (for instance, a certificate from the police is required if something has been stolen); otherwise, the traveler must pay import duty according to the Customs regulations. Visitors who want to change CNY (Chinese Yuan) back to foreign currency at the airport before leaving China will be required to show the exchange slip provided when they exchanged foreign currency into CNY on arrival or at banks.

It is forbidden to take out the following articles:
1.  Arms, ammunition and other explosives of all kinds.
2.  Radio transmitters and other principle parts.
3.  Renminbi (Chinese currency or Yuan) in cash, or negotiable securities in RMB.
4.  Unratified Foreign Currency including foreign notes or drafts.
5.  Any Manuscripts, printed matter, films, photographs, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes, videotapes etc and all media which is deemed as detrimental to the national security of China.
6.  Rare and precious copies of books about Chinese history, culture, art and revolution that are not for sale elsewhere.
7.  Valuable animals, plants and seeds.
8.  Precious metals, pearls and jewels (exempting those items declared in customs).
9.  Any other articles which have been prohibited from exportation by state regulations.

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Name:Exit from China advice Reply

How to exhange CNY (Chinese currency) to USD when we leave China?

Name:Re: Exit from China advice

Yes, but you need to save the invoice when you exchanged the money in Bank of China before, and show it to the bank when you’re about to leave China. There will be Bank of China at the departure section in the airport.