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China Travel Customs Declaration

A copy of the form must be retained by the traveler and be submitted to Customs when leaving the country. All the items declared on the form must be brought out of China or else import duty will be charged on them.
All the receipts of the valuable articles, such as jewelry, jade, gold and silver ornaments, handicrafts, artifacts, paintings and calligraphy, you bought in China should be kept for the exit check. Antiques are not permitted to leave China without the proper "Certificates for the Export of Cultural Relics" from the Chinese Authorities.
Items Need to Declared When Entering China:
1. Any item that will be left in China whose value exceeds 2,000 CNY
2. More than 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars and 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages (alcohol measure above 12 degrees)
3. Foreign currency greater than 5,000 US dollars or the equivalent, or 20,000 CNY

4. Animals and animal products, microorganism, biological products, human tissue, blood and blood products
5. Transceiver, communications devices.
6. Any items prohibited and limited according to the laws of the People's Republic of China
7. Luggage that need to be transported separately
8. Cargo, commercial samples, advertising items
Items Need to Declared When Exiting China:
1. Foreign currency above 5,000 US dollars or equivalent, or 20,000 CNY
2. Gold, silver and other valuable items
3. Cultural relics, endangered animals and plants as well as their products, biological species resources  
4. Transceiver, communication devices.
5. Any items prohibited and limited according to the laws of the People's Republic of China
6. Cargo, commercial sample, advertising items

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Name:Customs advice Reply

My flight arrives in Beijing at 3 am. Is the China Customs open then?

Name:Re: Customs advice

The China Customs in Beijing airport is open 24 hours, please take it easy. We receive tourists with early flights often. There’s much less people going through China Customs, so it will be fast.