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China Adventure...  Jean Stockwell <jeantrevstockwell@googlemail.com>AddWednesday, October 29, 2008 7:30:49 AM   To:dannyitourbeijing@yahoo.com
Hi Danny!
We have been back home for two weeks now and are still enjoying the memories of our visit to your beautiful country.
We had a good overnight journey on the train to Xi'an and a most enjoyabvle visit there - arriving back in Shanghai on Friday evening.
We only had three more days with our family before we flew home on the 14th October when we went up Shanghai's tallest tower (the "Bottleopener"!) and had marvellous views of the city.  We also managed to go to the Pudong airport on the "Maglev" - what an experience that was - travelling at 439kph.
There wasn't much we didn't do in the three weeks we were in China - and our family think we should pay another visit before they return to the U.K in December 2009 - we will have to start saving to be able to afford it!
We particularly enjoyed Beijing and the wonderful places you showed to us - and have about 190 phoptographs to prove we have been to China!!  Our son "burnt" a CD of all our photos and we are playing them to all our friends who are brave enough to ask us about our holiday! Our son has reported back to your company how much we appreciated your kindness and patience with three "old people" and also how very kind Erva was to us in Xi'an. We suggested to her that she gets in touch with you when she wants to visit Beijing!
Hope you are well and that the tourists are still visiting - guess the season will soon be at an end - do you get cold winters there?
We have had a hail-storm today - very early for such cold weather for us in England.  Hope you keep up the good work!
 We send our very best wishes to you for the future....
Love from us all - Stella, Trevor & Jean.

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