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Xiamen, one of the first five Special Economic Zone in China, is located in the northeast Fujian. Xiamen is also the nearest point to Taiwan in mailand China. Xiamen comprises Xiaman Island, Gulangyu Island, and a larger region on mainland stretchings of the left bank of Jiulong River. It is an economic booming city with high-tech and manufatures both domestic and international.

The Photo of Hukka Tulou in Xiamen

The definition "tulou" is a broadly descriptive label for a building type and does not indicate construction type. Some were constructed of cut granite or had substantial walls of fired brick.

The Photo of Hukka Tulou in Xiamen
The Picture of In the Hukka Tulou of Xiamen
The Picture of Gulangyu Islet
The Picture of Hukka Tulou
The Picture of Xiamen City
Xiamen Beach View
The Museum of Gulangyu
Carvings on the Wall
The Pagoda in Kaiyuan Temple
The Picture of Laojunyan in Quanzhou
The Photo of Nanputuo Temple
The Photo of Nanputuo Temple

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