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The Temple of Heaven, built in 1420 Ming Dynasty, was a place for emperors to worship the God of Heaven. It is occupies an area of 273 hectares, with semi-circular wall in north part and semi-square wall in south part. The most famous builing in the temple is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. Except the building area, the temple actually is a public park for local people to do exercise.

The Sight in Temple of Heaven

The incense burners located inside the Temple of Heaven, which was for burning incence when worshipping the heaven.

The Sight in Temple of Heaven
Overview the Prayer Good Harvest Hall
The Circular Mound in Temple of Heaven
The Sculpture in Temple of Heaven
The Prayer Good Harvest Hall
Photo on the Building
The Ladder with Stone Sculpture
The Sight in Temple of Heaven
The Photo of the Temple
The Corridor in Temple of Heaven
An Overlook of the Building
The Photo of Temple of Heaven

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User Comments

Name: Theodore Reply

I went to the Temple of Heaven at dusk last June and got some amazing photos of the Temple of Heaven. It looks really different from the pictures taken in day time.

Name: Robin

I'm planning to make a photo album of Beijing and was told the Temple of Heaven has some great spots which i can take some shots for my Temple of Heaven picture collections.

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