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Taiping Lake, situated between the Yellow Mountain and Mountain Jiuhua, extends 48 KM from east to west. The lake is clear and tranquil all year round and surrounded by the green mountains. Taiping Lake is a shining pearl of the city, a mate to Mt.Huangshan nestling in the north side of the mountain. Its crystal clear water and the beautiful scenery makes it more and more popular to be a travel site besides the Yellow Mountain.

Overlook the Beautiful Taiping Lake

The picture shows the panorama view of the scenery at Taiping Lake, which is famous for the tranquil scenery and beauty of the nature.

Overlook the Beautiful Taiping Lake
The Photo of Boats on the Taiping Lake
The Beautiful Scenery of Taiping Lake

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Name:Jason Reply

The picture of the boats on the bank of Taiping Lake reminds me something related to Noah’s Ark!!


Yeah, those are very traditional boats in river area of China.

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