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The Summer Palace was the summer resort for emperors in Qing Dynasty, located in the northwest outskirt of Beijing city. It was first built in 1750 in the period of Emperor Qianlong, and rebuilt in the years of Emperor Guanxu. With an area of 290 hectares, 3/4 is Kunming Lake, others are bank and Longevity Hill. It was the most beautiful park in Beijing, attracting people home and abroad to take pictures.

The Marble Boat in Summer Palace

The photo shows the Marble Boat in Summer Palace, which has hundred years' history and witnessed the prosperity and debility of the Qing Dynasty.

The Marble Boat in Summer Palace
The Bridge in Summer Palace
A Stone Bridge Across the River
A Temple in Summer Palace
Overlook the Boats in Summer Palace
The Boat in Summer Palace
The Marble Boat in Summer Palace
The Pavilion of Buddhist Incense
The Lake in Summer Palace
The Houses in Summer Palace
The Hall of Benevolence and Longevity
The Sacred Monster in Summer Palace

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