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Shaoxing, well-known as the Oriental Venice, is a beautiful city in the southern part of Yangtze River Delta in Zhejiang China. Here we are showing Shaoxing pictures and photos of its people, landscape, scenery and culture. Shaoxing is famous for waters, bridges, wines, calligraphy and celebrities. Shaoxing is also national renowned global textile city and trade centre.

Ancient Building

The photo shows the reproduction of ancient building in Shaoxing, which is used as tourist spot. It is the famous site of the city.

Ancient  Building
The Tomb of Dayu
The Former Residence of Luxun
Picture of Luxun
Former Kitchen
Ancient  Building
Shaoxing Local Snack Food
Lu   Town River
Stone Brige Photo
The Photo of the Lake
The Boats on the Lake
Stone Brige

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Name:Bobby Reply

i was bought a scarf in the last year during stay in Shaoxing. There is no place to buy silk scarf, i can only go online to see beautiful pictures.Could you help me ?


Hey, I have some beautiful photos of Shaoxing, which were taken last year when we were there for travelling. Would like to share those pictures with the others who are interested in this nice town. Could I publish them here?

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