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Shaoshan is most popularly known as the birthplace of Mao Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic of China. An exhibition hall memorializing Mao's life and revolutionary activities has been built at the town of Shaoshan, formerly Shaoshanchong Village. Shaoshan has a long history of 4,000 years. With its long history, abundant culture and beautiful scenery, Shaoshan's development is very promising.

Shaoshan Local Museum

It shows you the Shaoshan local museum where dispaly the long history of Shaoshan as well as the history of chinese revolution led by the communist party .

Shaoshan Local Museum
The Scenery of Dishui Cave
Shaoshan Pavilion
Shaoshan Local Residence
Shaoshan Lake's Beautiful Scenery
Chairman Mao Former Residence
Local Memory Stele
The Former Residence of Chairman Mao
The Bedroom of Chairman Mao
The Sculpture of Chairman Mao
Small Pagoda Carving
Shaoshan View

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Name:Devid Reply

I saw an old picture on the magazine ,above the place is called Shaoshan? Here is a great place ?


Shaoshan is a revolution area in China. The first Chairman Mao who was born in Shaoshan. Shaoshan is also a "Red Tourism Area" in China.

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