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Qinghai Lake, means the Green Lake in Chinese, is a saline lake situated in the Qinghai Province. The lake is the largest lake in China and located around 100 KM west to the capital city Xining. The beautiful environment and blue water attract more and more travelers come to visit the site. Every year, the Tour de Qinghai Lake is held there and many bicycles atheletes come to Qinghai and enjoy the game and the scenery.

The Beautiful Scenery of Qinghai Lake

The photo shows the apparent horizon at Qinghai Lake, which is famous for the fresh air and beauty of the scenery there.

The Beautiful Scenery of Qinghai Lake
Overlook the Mysterious Qinghai Lake
The Beautiful Sky and Land at Qinghai Lake
The Picture of the Grassland at Qinghai Lake
Overlook the Beautiful Qinghai Lake
The Picture of Beautiful Qinghai Lake

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Name:Skater Reply

Nice pictures of Qinghai Lake. Dose it frozen in winter? I wanna skate on it!


Hey,you've got a good idea! But since Qinghai Lake is a saline lake,it can not freeze.So, let's go boating there!

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