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Luoyang, a charming city filled with the fragrance of peonies, served as the capital for nine dynasties of China over a period of more than 1,500 years. It still retains many of its significant ancient landmarks which are the main tourist draw cards: The White Horse Temple is the first buddhist temple; Shaolin Temple is the cradle of Chinese Martial Art; Longmen Grottoes, a place renowned as a treasure house of Buddhist culture and art.

The Kungfu Show at Shaolin Temple

The group Kungfu Performance at Shaolin Temple gives a brief impression to the guests and has a stong feeling of the show.

The Kungfu Show at Shaolin Temple
The Photo of Buddha at Longmen Caves
Overlook the Longmen Caves
The Buddha at Longmen Caves
The Photo of the Kungfu Show at Shaolin
The Entrance of Shaolin Temple
The Photo of Statue at Shaolin Temple
The Entrance of White Horse Temple
The Picture of White Horse Temple
Pavilion at White Horse Temple
The White Horse Temple
The White Horse Temple

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Name:Luoyang Picture Reply

Hi, there I and my friend took a "Kungfu Culture Trip" from your website last year. You itourbeijing really did a great job and Luoyang City is amazing. We took many good pictures, can I send you to display, to make more people know Luoyang? Thanks again.


Hello, James.W Glad to know that you had a great time in your "Kungfu Culture Trip" in Luoyang. It's our honor to make your tour a memorable one. Of course you can send your photos to us. Let's share them with more people who want to know Luoyang.

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