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Jiuhua Mountain is a sacred place for buddhist pilgrims. It is famous for the beautiful scenery and favorable climate and it is also an ideal place to get away from the hot summer. It has the most incense sticks, candles and regarded as the first mountain in the southeast China. It is one of the four greatest buddhist mountains in China, together with the Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Emei Mountain in Sichuan and Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang.

The Temple in the Mountain

The picture show the temple on Jiuhua Mountain, which is one of the famous temples on the mountain and attracts guests' eyes.

The Temple in the Mountain
Overlook the Mountains
A Monk with the Temple
The Temple in the Forest
The Workers on the Mountain
The Stairs to the Building
The Temples on Jiuhua Mountain
The Temple on the Mountain
The Archway in the Forest
The Temple in the Forest
The Stairs on the Mountain
The House on the Mountain

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