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Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province. Since the ancient times, it has become a political, economic and cultural centre of the area between Yangtze River and Huaihe River. Located in the centre part of East China, Hefei plays an important role in connecting the eastern and western areas of the country while also linking the south and the north. It is ranked as one of the fifty strongest cities in China.

Picture of Qingfeng Pavilion

Qingfeng pavilion is a famous place to visit in Hefei . the picture shows you the front gate of Qingfeng pavilion.

Picture of Qingfeng Pavilion
xiaoyaojin park
Photo of Xiaoyaojin Park
Photo of Li Hongzhang's Former Dwelling
Li Hongzhang's Former Dwelling
Li Hongzhang's Former Dwelling
The Photo of Mingjiao Temple in Hefei
Mingjiao Temple in Hefei Picture
Photo of Hefei Hui Garden's Scenery
Photo of Hefei Street
The Photo of Hefei City
The Picture of Baogong Temple

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