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Regarded as the "heaven on earth", Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China. The city, 180km southwest of Shanghai, is located in the Yangtze River Delta and is the southern terminus of the Grand Canal. As the famous producer of textile and tea, Hangzhou is one of China's major industrial centers. Hangzhou is also renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. One of its most popular sights is West Lake.

The Temple in Hangzhou

Yuewang temple in Hangzhou which is a place for commemorating chinese people's hero Yuefei .

The Temple in Hangzhou
The Temple in Hangzhou
Picture of Statues in Feilai Peak
Tea Garden
The Picture of West Lake
The Picture of West Lake
The Photo of Yuewang Temple
The Temple in Hangzhou
Picture of Six Harmonies Pagoda
The Buddha in Hangzhou
An Instrument to Dry the Tea
Zhouzhuang Water Town

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Name:icewater Reply

Hi,I have a couple of questions: I have a weekend there, should I stay in Hangzhou or are there good places close by the water town? Which water town is better for photography? And what's the best location for the hotel in the city?


The hotels near the West Lake can be taken as good location, and it will be so good for booking the lake-view room. You will enjoy the beautiful picture through the window. Any water town will cost at least 1.5-2 hours drive, all good for photos.

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