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Lying between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain range, the charming small town of Dali still retains a historical atmosphere, which served as the capital of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms from 8th to 13th century. Bai's architecture is characterized with its simple and classic elegance as well as delicate carvings. Most houses have courtyards with natural running water and bonsai (potted landscape) on display.

Knot Cloth Arts

The picture shows the Knot Cloth Arts is a typical Bai ethlic group culture. The art always shows the daily life of Bai people and their activities during their free time.

Knot Cloth  Arts
Bai Minority's House of Dali
Three Pagodas Picture

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Name:Lily_Chaw Reply

I am planning to take my wedding pictures in Dali this May! My boyfriend's family is in Yunnan, and probably going to do the wedding there!


Dali can indeed be a good place to take your pictures. Very beautiful. A few of my friends went to Dali for their photos, and I was so impressed! In fact, I plan to take my wedding pictures there if I do get married someday... You are so lucky!

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