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Beijing Top Drifting Pictures

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Beijing Top Drifting is one of the popular activities in the city and attracts more and more young people to enjoy the excitement. The famous drifing in Beijing is at the north part of Beijing, where guests can enjoy the steep cliff along the river and fresh air in the county. During the summer time, it is a good place for the guests to get away from the high temperature and enjoy the fresh air in the suburban area of the city.

Start Drifting

The photo shows the guests enjoying the drifting on the river. At the same time, they get fully relaxed both mentally and physically.

Start Drifting
Boats and Scenery
Tents on the River
Lovers on Drifting
Drifting on the River
Streams and Mountain
The Streams
Enjoyable Drifting
Drifting on the River

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User Comments

Name:Flying bird Reply

I like those drifting pictures. They are so happy with a big smile. The tents on the water are interesting!


Those tents are called floating tents. Many young people like it very much.

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