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Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club

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Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club is situated in the largest plain plantation at the western side of Gangtang Highway, Dagang District, at the junction of Dagang, Tanggu and Jinnan District of Tianjin, where is very easy to get accesses to the neighbourhoods. The club covers an area of 2,640,000 square meters and 6 kilometers from the Guantang Reservoir. Of varying length and quality, most of the golf courses close to Tianjin offer a good, reasonably priced game and pleasant scenery. The whole golf courses is meticulously designed and constructed by the famous Korean CNA Golf Design Institute in accordance with the international standard, the landforms terrain features and forms quite different with each other.

Moreover, the golf course with the international standard 18-hole & par 72 at the first-phase and opened to the public in 2005. In 2006, Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club built the hole 19 and named is Aroma Hole, and transformed the hole 9 into a double greens course. On September 15th of 2006, the Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club was officially opened to public. The nine holes of phase two were began to be built in September of the year 2006 then finished after a year's construction in 2007. The course has 15 artificial lakes and over 80 sand bunkers, which makes the course really a challenge for lots of golf players. The whole fairways is 7158 yards long and with the putting greens as Bent grass A. Driving ranges are a popular feature at a number of Tianjin's largest golf courses, together with clubhouses, equipment hire, caddies and in some cases, even restaurants.

Here are Tianjin's main golf courses. The clubhouse in Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club is well equipped with such business and recreation facilities as conference hall, Korean restaurant, golf proshop, cafe, driving range, sauna, locker room and hot springs, etc. All of that will ensure you a wonderful experience playing golf in Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club. Contact us if you want to reserve Aroma (Tianjin) Golf Club, we will help with the bookings and provide more details. Or you can make the reservation directly through the contact information below:
Club Address: Greenbelt base of Guangang Forest Garden Dagang District, Tianjin, P.R.China
Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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