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Jinan Guoke International Golf Club

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Jinan Guoke International Golf Club, renowned as the "No. 1 Golf Club in Jinan", is an 18-hole, par 72, 7,127 yard golf course with the international standard. The club was designed by the famous U.S. golf design company: Grade Company and oriented as a combination of the golf course and villas, which will provide a mutual positive effect to each other. The large-scale grassland, forests and 120,000 square meter's lake makes the course to be the great course in the province. The golf course of Jinan Guoke International Golf Club’s main style is fine and elegant. It offers the leisure-style golf course. With the changes of layout and style on the rich and rhythmic form, all of the play courses have different characteristics. With the different setting of

water, sand and reasonable settings of trees and lake area, the fairways offer a full and fair competition of playing golf. Jinan Guoke International Golf Club has a complete set of supporting facilities, such as the clubhouse, the hot spring sports center and the garden-style hotel. Playing golf in the picturesque Jinan Guoke International Golf Club is indeed a challenge for your golf skill and a delightful and enjoyable experience. The lodges features well decorated rooms with all the modern amenities and services. Imagine the picture when you playing golf with great pleasure with the beautiful view and fresh air, drinking some water and rearrange your position for the next

move. You can also meet your friends here at Jinan Guoke International Golf Club or hold family golf tournament. That will bring you lots of fun. To make a reservation with Jinan Guoke International Golf Club at reasonable rates kindly get in touch with us, we will help with the booking. If you have any question about playing golf or want to learn more about the Golf Clubs of China, please feel free to ask us. You could reserve directly through the contact information below:  Club Address: Address: Qihe Economy Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong Province, China  Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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