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West Lake International Golf & Country Club

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West Lake International Golf & Country Club is close to the city center of Hangzhou, in a distance of 20 minutes’ drive. The club is a vacation center of modern golf characterizing with all-round development and overall facilities, designed by Jack Nicklaus, honoring his fame as the top-class course designer in the world. In this masterpiece, he once again showed his talent in blending the design between courses and villa communities. The course appears the typical open style of North America, bringing out mutual landscapes with villas. West Lake International Golf & Country Club has 36 holes in an area of 4000 mu, taking on two challenging courses from south to north but with totally different enthralling styles.

The 18 holes in the north side of West Lake International Golf & Country Club were put to use in 1997. The course, embracing in the tranquil and green mountains, extends vastly among lakes, groves and creeks, with the topographic relief naturally and softly, which makes a perfect harmony between Nicklaus’s course design and rippling Style of Jiangnan. The fairway of first 9 holes is gentle but without lacking difficulty. The golfers can achieve the joy of success only by choosing the offensive line strategically and correctly. The fairway of last 9 holes emphasizes the suit to specific terrain conditions, which is more challenging and requires higher golf skills.

Matching with the course, West Lake International Golf & Country Club is well-equipped with the extraordinary facilities. Bidirectional practice field with 400 yards long can separated the green hands and the veteran golfers into two sections from north to south, in order that the novice won’t interrupt the practice of the skilled golfers. Besides, elegant clubhouses, leisure centers, exclusive villas scatter the range of course, setting among green plants. West Lake International Golf & Country Club is a membership-based club of international standards. Club members and clients will be provided with considerate services. Contact us if you want to reserve West Lake International Golf & Country Club, we will help with the bookings and provide more details. Or you can make the reservation toward West Lake International Golf & Country Club directly through the contact information below: Club Address: Zhijiang road, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang, China Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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