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West Coast Golf Club

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West Coast Golf Club, an 18-hole, par 72, 7,267 yard golf course, is located in the seashore area of Haikou. It is only 5 minutes drive to Haikou downtown, and half hour drive to the airport. The construction was designed by DYE family with a beautiful combination of trees, lakes, sky and ocean. The main facilities include double-floor driving range, the biggest one of its kind in Hainan; Unique Buffet & Chinese restaurants, healthy hot spring bath therapy and so on. The course, designed by Mr. Perry Dye & Ms. Cynthia Dye, was the first course in China that designed by the DYE family. West Coast Golf Club provides the driving range, clubhouse, villas, Chinese restaurant, etc.. With its best location in Hainan,

it only takes you 30 minutes' driving from the Haikou Meilan Airport. The club has well furnished four meeting rooms which every can hold 20 to 120 members, 44 luxury guest rooms, 10 unique style restaurant which can hold 200 members as well as 50 driving ranges specialty stores for fine carnival , beautiful tennis courts, swimming pool, fishing pond, so it is ideal choice for your meeting and leisure. The Singaporean architects certainly stuck to the basics when they designed West Coast Golf Club and Hot Spring Villas, as they preserved what nature have created. They developed their modern creation based on the natural beauty such as the clear blue ocean and the rich rainforests, which cover the estate. The three dimensional green villas clearly show the culture and romance that the villas

posses. They certainly are an artistic creation. The increasing city population certainly makes living space precious. Landscape is certainly an important part and a vital ingredient when it comes to city living and West Coast Golf Club and Hot Spring Villas have made this a priority. The location and scenery are the best available and the views are breathtaking. Our villas provide more than comfortable living they promise you the lifestyle you deserve. To make a reservation with West Coast Golf Club at reasonable rates kindly get in touch with us, we will help with the booking. Or you could reserve directly through the contact information below:  Club Address: Address: 219 Binhai Road,HaiKou,Hainan Province,China  Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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