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Guilin Merryland Golf Club

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Guilin Merryland Golf Club is the largest golf club in Guangxi province and has a multi-functional golf course including sports, entertainment, traveling and business meeting. Merryland Golf Course is designed in compliance with the principles of USGA for course building by Mr. Golden Louise who is an American famous specialist in golf course designing. The golf course was planned in accordance with the landscaple of Guilin, with 27 international standard holes and a total fairway length of 10,554 yards. It was open to the public in January 2000, with an expanse of 73.7 hectares, running 7,073 yards with 72 standard poles. Within only 5 minutes' driving from the Merryland Resort and Villas, you can get to the course. There are 60 professional paths at the training course with the instruction of professional trainers.

Guilin Merryland Golf Club owns one superb world-class 18-hole American Hilly Golf Course, the only one in China. Among these18 holes, there are hilly golf fairways from No.1 to 9 and valley fairways from No.10 to 18. The total course consists of Course A mainly of the hillscape, Course B by Ling Lake of all the holes adjacent to water, and Course C of hilly style. Each of the three courses is designed differently and increase the difficulties of playing for the golfers. AIt presents a breath-taking natural wonder with exciting challenges and unique experience to golfers of various levels. This resort style golf course is built on a reasonably flat piece of land with a handful of holes built on hill side.

Guilin Merryland Golf Course is functioned along together with a theme park and hotel. The golf course also is equipped with a driving range of 36 fairways for the beginners and other amateurs. Inside the golf course, there is also entertainment and recreation facilities like Chinese restaurant, cafe, meeting room, sauna and gift shop, etc. Playing golf in the picturesque Guilin Merryland Golf Club is indeed a challenge for your golf skill and a delightful and enjoyable experience. Contact us if you want to reserve Guilin Merryland Golf Club, we will help with the bookings and provide more details. Or you can make the reservation directly through the contact information below:
Club Address: Zhi Ling Road, Xing An, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China.
Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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