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Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club

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Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club is located in the Bangchui Island Hotel Resort, at the east end of Binhai Road and 5 kilometers to the northeast of Dalian. The course is designed by the famous Japanese designer Mr. Umeyama Masaaki. It is an international standard golf club with 9 courses and overall length of 2,988 yard and par 35 courses. With the east and south sides of the course closed to the beautiful Bangchui Island seaside, the course referred to the modern international design styles. The green in the course is designed in accordance with the high standards of USA and Japan to satisfy the professional golf matches.

There are more than 30 American-made lighting poles in the course which makes the Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club the only lighting golf course in Dalian so far. The design of the Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club introduces lots of international style. The smooth streamlined rolling hill design not only increases the difficulty of playing but also adds the beauty to the golf course. Meanwhile, the narrow and winding fairways need high accuracy and skills of playing. The greens were designed in accordance with the Japanese and American high standard of golf course design to match the demands of the internatinal professional golf tournaments. The fairways are a little bit shorter compared with other golf course, so that it's easy for the beginers of golf player to swing.

As it's situated in the Dalian Bangchui Island resort, the golf club is easy accessible to any recreation facilities and accommodations. The resort has over 300 guest rooms of different standard, 15 villas, 34 restaurants that can hold 1,000 people have dinner at a time, 18 conference halls of different functions, gyms, swimming pools and indoor tennis court, etc. It will be really of great entertain playing golf in Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club. Contact us if you want to reserve Dalian Bangchui Island Golf Club, we will help with the bookings and provide more details. Or you can make the reservation directly through the contact information below:
Club Address: Dalian Bangchui Island Resorts, P.R.China
Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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